Noo Shoos

I love shoes and I buy lots but I have many pairs that I’ve never worn! I just don’t have the social life I used to, so often they are spur of the moment buys full of wishful thinking! I might wear them IF I go to…you know what I mean?

So, it is actually unusual for me to throw shoes out, however, the other day I did just that and neither pair were very old! The reason? Well in 2012 I was shopping in a famous department store and spotted a pair of sneakers that I thought were just fabulous. They were light tan suede with some leopard skin and gold embellishments!! I told my husband they would be ideal for dressing up my jeans for the 2013 Bon Jovi ‘Because We Can” Tour which I had a rake of tickets for. They were a bit pricey so I said I’d think about it and then, of course I forgot all about them. However, whilst Christmas shopping I spied them again, but this time they were half price in the sale! I bought them immediately.

I did exactly as I said I would and dressed up my jeans and T’s with my fab shoes. They fit like a glove and were really comfortable. They had to be because I walked miles and miles in them. The BJ tour took us to Glasgow, Manchester and Sunderland in the UK then my sister suggested going to New Jersey to see them on home turf. We had always said we would like to, so we did! It wasn’t worth travelling all that way for one gig at the Met Life Stadium, so we went to both. It was a good job as well because the seats for the second night were awful, with an obstructed view that hadn’t been mentioned when we were buying the tickets.

View of stage at Met Life Stadium, New Jersey 2013



Other than that the trip to NJ was fabulous. We met some lovely people, including ‘Big Ed’ our taxi driver (we used him all the time) who took us back to the airport in his Hummer because we’d never been in one. Bless him!


We went into New York and did a little shopping. We visited the Harley shop to get gifts for our husbands. They ride their bikes…we do the BJ gigs. Good trade!

My Husband, John on his Heritage Softail


Back to the shoes! They did a bit of travelling in 2013 and then with our usual trips to Spain and beyond in 2014 (cruised around Australia and had a few days in Kuala Lumpur and Bali to boot!)they had more walking to do. At the beginning of this year they had another long journey when we went to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. Again the sightseeing saw us walking miles and wearing those shoes out a little more. They got wet a few times on that trip and that, I think was the beginning of a very speedy demise. They were a little down at heel and the gold edging had begun to crack. A couple of weeks ago I had them on whilst I was cooking and I dropped something greasy on them. That was it…in the bin. Goodbye shoes and thank you for the memories. I will never forget you!

But what, you say, about the second pair that you threw away? Well, they were a pair of sandals. Attractive, comfortable but when you’ve worn them a lot (told you, I wear the same shoes over and over)…smelly. My sister had a similar pair and said she threw them in the wash, so I tried it. DON’T ever put leather shoes in the washer if you value them at all. It washed all the colour out of them and they went from a blue/grey colour to beige. Last time I listen to my sister in matters of washing shoes!! In the bin!

There you have it; two pairs of shoes down, so a real need to buy more, particularly when we anticipate a Bon Jovi tour in 2016. So, last week, off I went. It wasn’t a long search. I knew immediately that these shoes were the ones! Pretty aint they? Kurt Geiger has at last come up with shoes I can wear!

Pretty aint they??
Pretty aint they??

I had gone out in another well worn pair of shoes, my favourite of all time…Skechers ‘Go Walk’. I can recommend them. They’re easy to slip on, comfortable and I have black so they go with most things. A bit pricey you may argue but worth the money in my opinion. Anyway, I didn’t have socks on so I had to ask for some little socks so I could try the shoes on. I kept them just so they couldn’t offer anyone else a used pair. Not that there is anything wrong with my feet you understand but from an infection control perspective, sock sharing is not to be recommended, particularly with the number of people who suffer from fungal nail infections. End result, shoes fit like a glove, comfy, stylish ‘the cat’s whiskers’! so I bought them. They’re in a box in my shoe cupboard now. Question is…will they ever see the light of day again? Time will tell. See ya!


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