JB and Lewis – The Fast and the Faster



A sad week with the loss of Jules Bianchi to F1. His death from a brain injury so tragic not only because of his age, just 25 years old, but because of his potential. I’m sure that one day he would have enjoyed the success shared on Sunday by Vettel and Ferrari. It was a nice tribute by drivers standing  in a circle around their helmets for a minute’s silence in respect of the man.

Bianchi, 25, died nine months after he suffered severe head injuries in a crash in last season’s Japanese Grand Prix when he left the track and hit a tractor that was recovering the car of fellow competitor Adrian Sutil.

The Marussia driver, who scored the first and so far only points in the team’s history when he finished ninth at last season’s Monaco Grand Prix, had been in a coma since the accident and never regained consciousness.

Bianchi was seen as one of the most talented young drivers in the sport, having been part of Ferrari’s young driver programme. He had been widely tipped to race for the famous team before tragedy struck.

No 17 has been retired in Jules’ memory.

The race was interesting. An over eager Lewis Hamilton who had dominated practice and taken pole position, made a poor start and some costly mistakes allowing a revitalised Vettel to take the lead and stay there for his second win for Ferrari. It hurts me to say that!

On a really bright note though, the incidents in the race favoured the Mc Laren boys and saw both of them come home in the points. Still not good enough by the teams performances in the past but definite signs of progress and hopefully better things to come. So, well done Jenson (and Alonso).

Well done also to Kvyat who came second in the Red Bull. He was chased hard by Riciardo (last years winner) but he had to make a late stop after a collision with Nico Rosberg and settle for 3rd place.Nico Hulkenberg failed to finish because of the spectacular collapse of his front wing which sent debris all over the track. The incident led to a safety car coming out and after the restart Hamilton had a collision with Riciardo which dropped him back to 12th. Testament to his driving skill that he got his head down and got back in the race to finish 6th. Rosberg had a puncture after a collision with Riciardo and had to make a stop which dropped him way down the field. He eventually finished eighth. So, bizarrely, Hamilton was able to extend his lead in the Driver’s Championship.

And how many penalties did Maldonado manage to accrue during the race? I lost count ha ha